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I brought my car here when my brakes went completely out. They got my car in in two days and called to tell me what was wrong with it before proceeding because I had asked them to. They went to fix the main problem and there was an unforeseen complication that made it a little bit more expensive than I was originally quoted. However, there were also a few other complications that they didn’t have to deal with or fix. They fixed both without charging me. I am so grateful. This place is trustworthy and fair. Definitely use them!
Haylee K.

I’m pretty sceptical about auto shops based on the horror stories I’ve heard from friends and family. My dad is a mechanic so normally I can side step going. As soon as I walked in it was like walking into his shop. Even Moe, the gentleman behind the desk reminded me of my dad. I went in for an oil change and tire rotation. They changed my air filter for cheap and did the standard topping fluids off. No mystery charges or sudden damages reveled. I was in an out in an hour. I will be back.
Shelly K.

Friendly, fast service in my neighborhood. always check my air pressure on tires for free. it’s the little things.
Amy M.

I’m totally late on this review, but as all things go, it’s better late than never!

Thanks to Cody S.’s review who mentioned this place as “Honest” and “Up front,” I stopped by the ‘rent’s the other day to check up on one of my tires in hope that I wouldn’t be tricked by some smokes and mirrors of the auto-repair world. I totally expected that I’d be charged up to my eyeballs for the repair for the slow leak that I thought I had.

Lo and behold. The kind mechanics at the shop took care of my problem for free!

The manager (whose name I should’ve asked for) told me that my tire pressure needle was bent and that they helped fixed the problem for me. In hindsight, I really should’ve tipped them for their service, but I didn’t have any cash at the time. I totally recommend this place! I know I’ll be taking my car there from now on for sure!

Joy H.