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Check the Vehicle before you Tow a Trailer

  When you tow a trailer for your next trip or vacation, there are several parts of your vehicle you should inspect. Make sure that you are aware of anything that is out of the norm as well for your

Why it is Important to Not Hit Potholes

  When you drive on the road, always make sure that you are avoiding any potholes or objects that might damage your vehicle. If you hit even small things like pieces of wood, rubber, or other unknown objects, you can

Check Each Tire in Winter

Tire care is needed no matter what time of the year. Each tire of your vehicle should be inspected on a regular and frequent basis. With colder temperatures comes the chance of the air pressure decreasing as well. You will

Winter Inspections for your Vehicle

  When you drive in the winter, you will encounter less than ideal roads at some point. These can be snow covered, slippery, or even have black ice. As snow accumulates on the road, it can build up and freeze.

What to know about Tire inspections for your car

  Proper tire inspections are important to help keep them in the best condition possible. The tires are the only part of the vehicle that makes contact with the surface of the road. The regular maintenance schedule should always be