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Proper Fall Care for your Car

  During the fall you will want to make sure your vehicle is in the best condition that it can be in. It is ideal to bring the vehicle in for regular maintenance inspections. This is based on a schedule.

Inspecting the Lights for your Vehicle

  Keeping your vehicle properly maintained is important. The turn signals of the vehicle are one of the most critical parts.┬áThe lever that protrudes from one side of your steering column might be very small, but it is one of

The Lights on the Vehicle need to be Maintained

    The lights should be inspected to make sure they are bright enough and aimed properly. That way the beam of light can illuminate the view in front of you. There are a few maintenance tips you can do

Why the Lights are Important

  The lights play an important part for your vehicle. This is what helps you to see when you are driving. If the lights are poor, you increase your chance for an accident. This is because you will not notice

Driving Safe at Night

  While driving, you will want to be as safe as possible. Almost ninety percent of your reaction ability while driving is relied on sight. At night, depth perception, color recognition, and peripheral vision all decline. Even if you are

What to Check on Your Vehicle before You Drive

Before you drive to your next vacation or getaway, make sure you inspect the vehicle properly. It is also recommended that you bring the vehicle in so we can professionally look at it for you. Proper planning is a key

Springtime Headlights Are All Aglowing

Headlights are one of the most overlooked parts of a car until they stop shining. So many times, have people gotten into their cars at nights and flicked the headlights on without a thought. Then one night they go outside,